We give you the tools to share your story and the opportunity to hear others’

There is a crisis in the world today: we are digitally “connected” to each other, but there aren’t deep, true connections. But we come a step closer to real connection when we share and fully understand each other’s stories.

The Front Porch Initiative takes the time-tested elements of story and shows you how to shape and share your own personal story. When you share your story and hear someone else’s, you make giant steps towards strong relationships. These relationships are what help us all live a fuller, richer life.

By leveraging the power of story, we help your students or team break through walls and find common ground

“Once you know each other’s stories, you can have empathy, and that creates connection with the staff and students. My Story  has helped us see that we all have a beginning, challenges, hope and a future.”

—David LaFrance, Principal of Oakland School, Bloomington, Illinois

Here’s how to bring The Front Porch Initiative to your school or workplace.

Step 1

Decide which package works for you, whether you want in-person training or just the workbooks themselves.

Step 2

Introduce these concepts to your school or your team. We guide you through every step of the process.

Step 3

See greater connection among those you lead or the students you teach as a result of the stories they share.